We are shipping during COVID-19

As we provide essential computer equipment, we are still able to fully supply a large range of essential computer equipment to help our customers work and study from home.

The great news for you is you can continue to order from us, and receive your items during this lockdown period.

Please be aware any orders we deem at our discretion to be non-essential may be significantly delayed till the restrictions are lifted, and non-essential items are able to be shipped. We will give you the option to cancel the order within 48 hours if it is unable to be shipped.

Shipping Timeframes

Please be patient, our couriers are very busy during this period and it may cause some small delay in receiving your order, rest assured it will be processed as quickly as possible.

What are Essential Items?

Items are specified by the MBIE and Government as items that are…

  • Used for Work and Study from home.
  • Required by essential businesses to keep running.