Best Computer Monitors 2023

How do you use your computer? Perhaps you just reserve it for casual, day-to-day tasks, like browsing online and typing out emails. On the other hand, you might have it for heavier-duty stuff, like high-intensity gaming. Anyway, what would be the best computer monitors for your particular use case?

You might sometimes see articles claiming to list ‘the top 10 computer monitors’ or something similar, but what computer monitors you ought to add to your own shortlist will very much depend on how you intend to use the winning candidate. Here are several questions to heed as you peruse the options…

Will You Only Need the Monitor for General Use?

In this situation, practically any LED LCD monitor available from Tech Mall could suffice as long as the screen remains at least 22 inches wide, like this 23.8” Lenovo ThinkVision S24i-30 display. An IPS display would also excel at colour production, while a VA model can make a budget-conscious choice.

Do You Need a Monitor for Multimedia Content Creation?

You could be in this situation if you are a creative professional. Obviously, graphic designers will spend a lot of time tied to their computers, but photographers and filmmakers can also rely on them for editing photos or footage they have captured while out in the field.

A large-screen monitor of at least 2K resolution — such as this 31.5” Philips B Line 325B1L/00 offering — would let you view on-screen imagery in the kind of clarity your work requires.

Are You an Avid PC Gamer?

Several PC monitors we stock are specially advertised as ‘gaming’ monitors, meaning that they meet much of the criteria important for gamers specifically.

For example, this 47.5” ASUS ROG SWIFT PG48UQ affair boasts OLED display technology and a 4K resolution for ensuring that graphics not only look crisp and clear but also move smoothly on the screen.

What is the Most Reliable Brand of Computer Monitor?

Many people might argue that this is ultimately a subjective judgement. However, SlashGear has declared LG the ‘best’ PC monitor brand — and we offer this 27” LG 27ML600M-B Full HD LED monitor.

Ascertaining the best computer monitors for specific purposes can be tricky, but we would be happy to talk you through many options we offer. Feel free to call us on (07) 827 6130 for advice and use our website to purchase a great-value monitor for delivery to your New Zealand address.