Dual-Port Car Charger – USB with Built-in Micro-USB Cable – White

$33.32 (Incl. GST) Dual Port Car Charger with Micro USB Cable and USB Port – High Power (21 Watt / 4.2 Amp) – Dual Tablet Car Charger – White

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Do you carpool to work and need to flip a coin to see who will get to charge their tablet on the way to the office? Do you need to charge your tablet and phone at the same time, so that they’re both ready to use by the time you reach your destination?

Whatever your situation, this dual-port car charger offers a high-powered solution for charging two mobile devices simultaneously, while you’re on the road.

Simultaneous charging
You can charge any Micro USB device, including your tablet or phone, using this convenient 2-in-1 adapter. Plus, since the cable is attached directly to the charger, it won’t ever get lost in your vehicle, or be just out of reach while you’re driving.

The integrated USB 2.0 port gives you the option to charge an additional mobile device such as your iPad or iPhone, at the same time, through either a separate Lightning cable or 30-pin Dock cable.

Don’t have an Apple device? You can also charge Micro USB or Mini USB-enabled mobile devices with this adapter, such as a smartphone, tablet, or GPS using a Mini/Micro USB cable.

High-powered charging
No matter what you choose to charge, you can always be sure you have the correct charge available for all your mobile devices.

Each charge port provides 2.1A of power to assure that you have enough power to charge everything from a phone to a tablet. Whether you’re charging two tablets at the same time or charging a phone and a tablet, you can be sure all of you mobile devices are ready when you need them.

The durable USBUB2PCARW white dual-port car charger is backed by’s 2-year warranty to ensure dependable performance.

The Advantage
– Ensure all your mobile devices are charged while you’re commuting
– Keep everyone happy, charge your phone or tablet and your passenger’s phone or tablet simultanuously
– Guaranteed reliability, backed by’s 2-Year warranty

Additional information

Charger type



Charger compatibility

GPS, Smartphone, Tablet

Power source type

Cigar lighter

USB 2.0 ports quantity


Operating principle


Product colour


Maximum power

21 W

Maximum output voltage

5 V


50 g

Quantity per pack

1 pc(s)

Package width

83 mm

Package depth

128 mm

Package height

43 mm

Package weight

60 g

Input voltage

12 ~ 24 V

Input current

1.2 ~ 2.2 A

Sustainability certificates



35 mm


350 mm


20 mm



Cable shielding

Aluminum mylar foil