18in SATA to Left Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable – F/F

$12.80 (Incl. GST) 18in SATA to Left Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable – F/F

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Description 18in SATA to Left Angle SATA Serial ATA Cable – F/F. Weight: 14 g. Package width: 128 mm, Package depth: 0.7 mm, Package height: 220 mm

Make a left-angled connection to your SATA drive, for installation in tight spaces

The SATA18LA1 Left Angle (90-degree) SATA Cable features a standard (straight) SATA receptacle as well as a left-angled SATA receptacle, providing a simple 18-inch connection to a Serial ATA drive, with full SATA 3.0 bandwidth support of up to 6Gbps when used with SATA 3.0 compliant drives.

The left-angled SATA connection enables you to plug in your Serial ATA hard drive in hard to reach areas or tight spaces, while the low profile and flexible design of the cable improves airflow and reduces clutter in your computer case, helping to keep the case clean and cool.

Constructed of only top quality materials and designed for optimum performance and reliability this 18″ SATA cable is backed by our lifetime warranty.

As an alternative, also offers a SATA18RA1″ text=”18in Right Angle SATA cable (SATA18RA1), which provides the same simple installation as this left angled SATA cable, but allows the cable to connect to the SATA drive from the opposite direction.

The Advantage

– Left-angled SATA connector easily fits into hard to reach areas and tight spaces, providing flexibility to position your SATA drive as needed within your system case
– Features a thin cable design, which helps reduce clutter and increase airflow within the computer/server case, for optimum system performance
– Backed by lifetime warranty, ensuring a dependable connection

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

Additional information

Package width

128 mm


Package depth

0.7 mm

Package height

220 mm

Package weight

250 g


14 g

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