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Visio Professional, GOV, Open License Value – Level D, 1 user, 1 year, Int

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Microsoft Visio Professional, GOV, OLV-D, 1U, 1Y, Int. Minimum RAM: 256 MB, Minimum processor: 500 MHz, Minimum storage drive space: 2000 GB

The advanced diagramming tools of Visio help you simplify complexity with dynamic, data-driven visuals and new ways to share on the Web in real time.
Start by building your diagram with professional-looking templates and modern, pre-drawn shapes. Then, easily link your diagram to popular data sources (such as Excel). You’ll see data automatically refresh right within your diagram, reflected in vibrant visuals such as icons, symbols, colors, and bar graphs. Finally, with just a few clicks, publish your data-linked diagram to SharePoint, and provide access to others on the Web, even if they don’t have Visio.
Together, simplicity, data-driven shapes, and Web sharing make Visio one of the most powerful ways to see and understand important information.

Simplify complexity with a diverse set of intuitive, professional diagramming tools.
With a dramatically improved user experience and intelligent drawing tools and templates, Visio makes every step in creating diagrams easier.
– Jump-start diagramming with a diverse set of pre-drawn shapes, sample drawings, and templates for IT, business, process management, and more. For any type of diagramming need, Visio can help you to get started quickly.
– Find everything you need in one place to complete a diagramming task. Every step in creating a diagram is more intuitive, with the logical groupings of features in Ribbon tabs, an enhanced Shapes window for easy access to shapes and stencils, and a new status bar that helps you move more efficiently within and between your diagrams.
– Add and align shapes easily and accurately with features such as the Quick Shapes Mini Toolbar, enhanced dynamic grid, automatic layout adjustment, and page Auto Size.
– Simplify large and complex diagrams using Subprocesses and Containers to group related shapes visually and logically. A Subprocesses—a mini-diagram on a separate page that links to a Subprocess shape in a larger diagram—breaks complex processes in diagrams into more manageable pieces. Containers help you organize different sets of shapes and clarify how they relate to each other in diagrams.
– Make your diagrams more appealing and professional-looking in seconds using modern shapes and visuals, a rich gallery of themes, and Live Preview.
– Check diagrams against business rules and logic to ensure accuracy and consistency in diagrams. With one click, you can validate a diagram to make sure it’s logical and properly constructed.
– Create and monitor SharePoint workflows more easily than ever with a new advanced template that contains SharePoint workflow rules and logic, and the ability to export and import workflows between Microsoft SharePoint Designer and Visio.

Bring your diagrams to life with dynamic, data-driven visuals.
Gaining a clear and complete view of information that matters to your business often requires both a high-level perspective and detailed data. With just a few clicks, Visio helps you see the entire picture by showing meaningful data and information graphically in a single, up-to-date diagram.
– Easily connect your diagrams to one or more data sources including Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, SharePoint Foundation, or any OLEDB (Object Linking and Embedding Database) or ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) data source using the Data Selector and Automatic Link wizards.
– Display real-time data right within the shapes of your diagrams, based on conditions you define, using meaningful graphics such as color, icons, symbols, and data bars. Then, add a legend to explain the meaning of your data-linked graphics.
– Keep the linked data in your diagrams up-to-date without any additional effort using Automatic Refresh. You can refresh data automatically at specific time intervals, or manually at any time with one button click.
– Drill down into detailed shape and diagram data using the Shape Data or External Data windows.

Share interactive, refreshable, data-linked diagrams with others via their Web browsers.
With Visio, sharing your dynamic, data-linked diagrams with others is easier than ever. Keep everyone on the same page by ensuring that people can always view the most current version of a diagram and its linked data.
– Simply connect your diagram to one or more data sources (such as Excel), and with a few clicks, publish your diagram to SharePoint Server. Online users can see your real-time information in their browsers at a high level, right on the diagram, or delve into the details – even if they don’t own Visio. They can pan and zoom in the diagram, follow hyperlinks in shapes, and refresh the data.
– Create visually compelling dashboards that contain interactive Visio diagrams and other application services. Visio Services and SharePoint Server integration supports visual mashups of actionable data and diagrams for an information-rich viewing experience.
– Store, share, and reuse business process diagrams and subprocesses through Visio integration with SharePoint Process Repository.

Additional information

License quantity

1 license(s)



Compatible operating systems

Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
Windows Vista SP1
Windows 7
Windows Server 2003 SP2+MSXML 6.0 (32-bit)
Windows Server 2008 (32/64-bit)



Minimum RAM

256 MB

Minimum processor

500 MHz

Minimum storage drive space

2000 GB

Minimum system requirements

VGA 1024 x 768 px