DIGITUS 3-Port MST Video Hub (USB-C -> 3x HDMI)

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DIGITUS 3-Port MST Video Hub (USB-C -> 3x HDMI)

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USB-C – 3x HDMI MST Video Hub DP 1.4, HDMI 2.0, 4K/60Hz

MST Hub for connection of up to 3 external monitors via a video output on the notebook/PC – Increase your productivity with multiple screens

The DIGITUS® MST Hub uses Multi Stream Transport (DisplayPort™ 1.2 function), which allows multiple AV signals to be transported over a single cable. This enables the use of multiple monitors that are connected via the MST Hub configuration. The MST Hub can distribute different video streams to the three connected screens. In general, it supports three reproduction modes: Mirror (1 signal mirrored on 3 displays), extend (3 signals on 3 displays), distribute (1 signal distributed across 3 displays).

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